Proficient Paddles is a super fast paced arcadey 'sports' game with player customization, local coop and many more features! Whether you're playing a solo match against an AI or competing against a friend via local multiplayer you will always find yourself striving for those 10 points required to win a match.

Gamepad (Supports Xbox 360/One)

Keyboard + Mouse

Touch Input 

Web Based Versions: Supported/Tested Browsers Include: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Store (UWP): See store page for system requirements

Android (APK): Currently Not Available 

Button/GestureUsage:Input Device:
Double Tap In The Middle
 (During Gameplay)
Exits To The Main MenuTouch
Down and Up (Arrow Keys)Controls Player 2Keyboard
W and S KeysControls Player 1Keyboard
Up, Down, Left, Right 
(Directional Pad/D-Pad)
Basic Menu NavigationGamepad
A (Xbox Gamepads)
X (Playstation Gamepads)
Confirm/Start ButtonGamepad
B (Xbox Gamepads)
O (Playstation Gamepads)
Decline/Back ButtonGamepad
Up, Down (Left Analog Stick)Controls Player 1 Gamepad
Up, Down (Right Analog Stick)Controls Player 2
(In 2 Player Mode)
Menu Button (Xbox One Gamepads)
Start Button (Xbox 360, Playstation Gamepads)
Exits a Match
(In Gameplay)

Lead Designer
Kieran Flynn

Anton Dravegård

Art Design
Kieran Flynn

Art Direction
Anton Dravegård
Kieran Flynn

UI Design
Kieran Flynn

Audio Design
Kieran Flynn

Anton Dravegård
Adam Gilbert
Glen Miller

Special Thanks
Liam Flynn
Colby Ball


*Since Proficient Paddles is available on multiple platforms system requirements may differ for each edition of the game, please check each platform's specific system requirements.

Published 73 days ago
StatusIn development
PublisherCyclone Games
Release date 18 days ago
AuthorsCyclone Games, Glenos
Made withConstruct 2
Tags1-player, 2D, 2-player, Arcade, coop, free, localcoop, pong, project-pong
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksTwitter, Youtube


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